Physionet Challenge 2017

Mobilmed research team member Prof.Dr. Serkan Kiranyaz won the 1st place in Physionet Challenge 2017 (a.k.a. AliveCor) among 75 teams. Physionet is the grand forum of “Computing in Cardiology” which offers free access via the web to large and growing collections of recorded physiologic signals and related open-source software. Learn more…

Cardiac Arrhythmias

  1. Mobilmed has siginificant research experience on patient-specific biomedical signal processing and personalized advance warning system for Cardiac Arrhythmias :
  • Kiranyaz, T. Ince and M. Gabbouj, Personalized ECG Monitoring for early detection of Cardiac Abnormalities, App. No: PCT/IB2017/051406, 10 March, 2017. (Pending)
  • Kiranyaz, T. Ince, and M. Gabbouj, “Personalized monitoring and advance warning system for cardiac arrhythmias,” Scientific Reports – Nature, vol. 7, Aug. 2017. DOI 10.1038/s41598-017-09544-z (SREP-16-52549-T) (
  • Kiranyaz, T. Ince, and M. Gabbouj, “Real-Time patient-specific ECG classification by 1D convolutional neural networks”, IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Engineering, vol. 63, no. 3, pp. 664-675, Mar 2016. (top most-popular and most-cited article of the journal:,
  • Ince, S. Kiranyaz, and M. Gabbouj, “A generic and robust system for Automated patient-specific classification of electrocardiogram signals”, IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering, vol. 56, issue 5, pp. 1415-1426, May 2009. (highly-cited article of the journal)